Alpha Release – Words

Words is a multiplayer player board game. The goal is to build words using your available letters. The players can build words either by placing letters on top of the board or on top of the existing letters. Depending on what type of letter you use or how many letters the words you build consist… Continue reading Alpha Release – Words

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Weekly Devlog

Here is a short summary of what we have been up to this week. Voltage War High possibility of a programming language switch, that could enable the creation of a multiplayer system. Rethinking of the enemy AI to give a more consistent and fun challenge. Research for additional programmers and artists to ease workload.

Alpha release – Voltage War

Voltage War is a turn-based strategy game where the players control an army with or without a commander. The commander can use special powers and have different traits which affects their armies. In the alpha demo the campaign features 10 maps. These maps handle the first part of the full-scale campaign. The nation Purple Haze,… Continue reading Alpha release – Voltage War